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Kudo products are a line of creative solar powered accessories to power your mobile life. They are a leader in renewable energy accessories and winner of the 2011 CTIA Emerging Technology Innovation Awards. But what really sets their products apart is their MacGyver-esque multi-functionality.

The Kudo Case is their pièce de résistance. We’re talking a solar powered protective case for your iPad that can turn indoor and outdoor light into a battery charge of 10 days! That would have been plenty, but the Kudo Case packs in clever tools like an HDMI port to watch your iPad on the big screen, and USB Power Out- to charge your phone or camera right off the case.

What about a whistle locater that lets you find your iPad hidden under a pile of clothes? Check. Or pop-out legs that position your iPad for movies, recipe reading, or at 15 degrees for easier typing? Double Check.

Kudo’s commitment to the environment is impressive. Not only are their products solar-driven, but their cases are made from 80% recycled plastics and biodegradable pressed corn.

What’s more, every case purchased from Design With Benefits plants a tree through the Arbor Day Foundation. Even their Mini HDMI to HDMI cable is designed to biodegrade. When was the last time your electronics cable was able to claim that?

The Kudo Travel Bag is the perfect companion for the Kudo Case, and ensures that all your gear gets charged while you’re on the the go. The sleek design features an outer window which allows your case to continue to charge both your iPad and your mobile phone as you go about your day. It should come as no surprise that it’s water resistant and chock full of pockets, hidden or otherwise.