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Architects For Society

Architects for Society (AFS) is a group of allied professionals from North America, Europe, the Middle East, and India. They came together to establish a global non-profit design practice in 2015 with a mission to enhance the built environment of disadvantaged communities through affordable, innovative architecture and design. In response to current temporary refugee shelters which are beset with a number of social, economic, and cultural problems, AFS has created housing solutions for displaced individuals and families that are rapidly deployable, long-term, dignified, and easily integrated into the urban fabric of large cities. The Hex House is one such solution based on an insulated metal panel technology that is a low cost, can be shipped flat-pack to a suitable site, and easily assembled by the end-user. By streamlining the construction process to its bare essentials and allowing the end-users to build their own homes using well designed, prefabricated elements, substantial cost savings can be realized.