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Barbie Dismantled: ‘disgustingly lovely’ jewelry

Margaux Lange Smiley Face


Provocative, funky, and creepy…but cool, Margaux Lange’s art jewelry collection is definitely one-of-a-kind.

She tears apart Barbie dolls and uses their body parts to create jewelry.

In Margaux’s words, her “Plastic Body Series” is an examination and celebration of her own, as well as pop culture’s, relationship with the icon known simply as: Barbie.

As the designer and the sole fabricator of the entirely hand-fabricated collection, Margaux says that while some small works can take just a day or two, other pieces can take up to a few months to complete.

“Jewelry was a way of getting art off of the wall and onto the body so it could be more intimately experienced and shared with others,” Margaux says.

Margaux received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the Maryland Institute College of Art in 2001, where her Plastic Body Series was first conceived. While her fine arts education gave her the foundation necessary for conceptual exploration in her jewelry work, Margaux’s childhood obsession with the doll and her miniature world is what she credits for nurturing her creativity and dexterity from an early age.

Since then, Margaux has been creating work in this series and exhibiting extensively for over ten years. In fact, her jewelry has been published in numerous books and has garnered international press coverage in the worldʼs top art, fashion, and design magazines.

“The range of responses I get is a huge part of what drives me to continue with this series of work,” says Margaux.

“I love that everyone brings his or her own baggage. It’s indicative of their own relationship with – or feelings about – the icon, as well as what they feel defines wearable jewelry.”

The Plastic Body Series is sought after by art jewelry collectors, Barbie nostalgics, and bold individuals who aren’t afraid to wear jewelry that sparks a conversation.

“My goal has been to create art that a broad range of people can relate to, and I believe I’ve been successful with this,” says Margaux.

Having heard every possible reaction one can imagine, Margaux started a blog with some of the comments about her work that she has come across on the internet. Our personal favorite: “Disgustingly Lovely”. She named her blog “Creepy but Cool.”

“My hope is that they will recognize the work’s humor and wit just as much as its layered conceptuality. There are various dimensions one can read into any given piece in the series and that’s part of the fun,” says Margaux. “Art is meant to engage, and I believe it can also be humorous and irreverent.” See more of her work at

Margaux Lange Winged Neck Piece

Winged Neck Piece

Margaux Lange Smile and Eye Bracelet

Smile and Eye Bracelet

Margaux Lange Yes Neck Piece

Yes Neck Piece

Margaux Lange Earring Blossoms
Earring Blossoms