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Decorating a Wall With Art? First Read This

Wall art can be a great way to enhance your living space or decorate your office. But as with anything, there are certain things that you need to know before you purchase a piece of art you liked.

Putting art on your walls can transform your home into a work of art. In some cases, art may even be all you need to make your place look and feel special. Art can bring an endless number of benefits, from bringing your family together to giving your home a face-lift.

There are a variety of different art types available, so you have plenty of options to choose from to decorate your walls. Oil paintings, sculptures, photography, drawings, fabrics, woodworking, metal wall art, crystal, mirrors, prints, sculptures, tapestries, collages, and woodcarvings are all available to help you choose the right size wall art piece for your needs. Art is an expression of self and personal taste, which allow you to exercise free reign when choosing what you like. Even if you do not have much money to spend, you can still afford high quality art. There are many galleries displaying high quality paintings and sculptures from around the world right on the web.

Wall art can add color and interest to small spaces and large spaces alike. It also serves to frame a view or a central focal point. Photos and paintings serve as the perfect stylistic icing on the cake, which is your house. Wall art pulls the eye upwards, pulls together a large space, and makes your house welcoming.

What to consider before buying a piece of wall art

The topmost important of advice that every individual has to take into account is basically: choose what you really like! It is your space, your design, and how much money is being spent on wall art, not who designed it.

If a painting doesn’t appeal to you, then simply don’t hang it on your wall, regardless of how expensive or how sentimental it might be to you. It’s your house, your design, and ultimately your money being invested in that wall. So be sure to look at what the artist has done before you commit to a piece as it might be something you really enjoy seeing in your space.

One of the first steps to take when deciding on the type of wall art to place in a specific room of your house is to evaluate your tastes. What types of pieces of art do you enjoy? What colors do you love? What types of furniture would you like to include in the room you plan to paint?

Once you an answer to these questions, you can then begin to decorate the rest of your house in the manner that best suits your tastes and desires. 

  • When choosing wall art, it is important that you look for artwork that matches your style as there are hundreds of pieces that are available to choose from. Some pieces are suitable for all rooms of the house, while others are suitable for specific areas. For example, you might find modern art suitable for your modernistic homes while paintings with a more traditional theme may work better in more classical styled homes.
  • In addition, you have to consider the colours that you want to incorporate into your decor. The colours of the wall art are often determined by the walls that they are to be hung on, although there are colours that can work well on any colour of the wall as long as they complement the colours that you have chosen.
  • In addition to the colours, you must also take into consideration your colour scheme, furniture choices, lighting options, and other elements such as flooring and window coverings. Also, you must also match another type of accessories. For instance, choosing an open floor plan furniture over hardwood flooring can be a good way of adding interest to a room that may suffer from wear and tear. However, you may need to match up colours and theme items such as paint to make your room more appealing.
  • Another factor to consider when selecting wall artwork is how it will fit with other elements in your room. In order to create balance, you should pick a color or theme that will work well with one another. It may be necessary to select several different pieces or different types of artwork in order to achieve the balance you are looking for. For instance, you may want a photo of a baby to hang over the open plan kitchen counter while you have a framed painting of a baby sleeping on a milk carton. Creating a visually appealing and balanced space is important so that you will enjoy the visual appeal of your room and not just be satisfied with its functional qualities.
  • Another aspect to consider is functionality. For instance, if you are hanging a painting of a baby to commemorate the birth of your first child, you will want to ensure that the piece can be hung safely, especially if it is heavy. Paints and designs that are too elaborate and large will prove difficult to hang and remove without damaging for example the wall itself.
  • You should define as well, what type of art you are willing to decorate your wall with. Will you consider paintings or for example picture frames? Take into consideration what type of art would be better suited to your space. Don’t mixe up as well, paintings should be hung with other paintings and not with picture frames.
  • You can mix and match colours and styles easily to create a look that works well with your existing furniture and decor. Different artwork types serve different purposes in your interior design. For example, a painting can add depth or height to a room, while sculptures can add a whimsical or ethereal feel.
  • Another important factor is the size and shape of the piece. You will want to pick a size that will be appropriate for the size of the piece you plan to hang. While you can always choose a smaller piece and fill it in later to fill in space if needed, never choose a very small piece. You will also want to determine the perfect wall art proportions for your area. Picking the perfect wall “ratio” will make your place look its best and maximize the amount of art that can fit on your walls, without being too much.

Selecting wall art for an open floor plan

  • When selecting wall art for an open floor plan, it is important to think about the colours that will enhance the spaces.
  • In addition to considering colours, you must also look at textures – both the colours and the textures will influence greatly in that space.

For instance, a beautiful piece of art featuring water drops could be displayed on a white floor, but would not look as impressive if it were hanging on a black floor. Thus, in addition to considering the colors and textures that will enhance the interior of your space, you must also look at the way the artwork might impact the visitors that enter your home.

Whether for an open floor plan or not, colors and textures should appear to flow together. You should not have the feeling that one color flows into another and that the overall design is haphazard. For example, when you are choosing a lamp with a white base and white walls, you should try to make use of white floor tape in order to keep the base from peeling. You should also try to think of a way that the different elements in the design can flow together. By following these simple tips, you will find it easier than ever to find the right wall art sets – and indeed, it will be possible to choose some truly stunning inspiration pieces.

Creating your own and unique statement with a decor wall

When you are choosing an art piece for your wall, you can add them to already existing pieces of wall decor to help make a statement about who you are. For instance, you could hang a framed piece of art over your dinette set to help showcase your style of furniture or a photograph of your family in an album. You can also frame a collage of pictures that remind you of special moments with your children. This type of art will bring you back to these memories often while bringing a contemporary twist to the look and feel of your walls. If you have a contemporary themed home, you can consider framed art or stencils, which will help define the shape and color of your walls.

Another way to create a unique art display in your room is to find large canvas prints that will fit on one of the larger walls in your home. It doesn’t matter whether you choose a wall in the entryway or a wide-open wall in your living room. These large canvas prints are normally a conversation starter. They will also feel like an art project for your family and friends as you hang the beautiful artwork in your home. As long as you have a budget for this type of large prints, you can easily make your choice based on your space needs and the look of the large canvas print. With so many different styles and colors available, you are sure to find something that will work perfectly to decorate your home.

These tips are also apllicable if you are willing to decorate an office wall. If you have a smaller area to work on, you can still do so and make that space looking stylish and organized at the same time. There are a number of canvas options available that are easy to hang on an office wall. There are also a variety of small stencils or small pieces of fabric that you can use to add small character accents to your walls. Another option could be to purchase wall art from some online galleries. You will be able to accentuate the spaces in your office where they will be hung, without having to move heavy pieces of artwork.

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