Keep your valuables upfront in this classic leather handlebar bag. Hand-crafted in Detroit from natural leather, this sturdy hide is 2mm or more in thickness. Side flaps keep dust and debris out. Dull antique finish hardware. Easy to detach and carry with you. Dye cut and burnished edges for lasting quality. Simple installation: just wrap… Read More »JEFFERSON HANDLEBAR BAG


UNIQUE, STYLISH, HAND-CRAFTED JEWELRY PROMOTING UNCONVENTIONAL BEAUTY WITH A DELICATE AESTHETIC. …HELPING EMPOWER WOMEN ENTREPRENEURS IN DEVELOPING COUNTRIES. Natalia Benson began her first jewelry line in her bedroom in San Diego, California at 20 years old; at the time, she was studying political science and became very interested in women’s issues in impoverished countries…a professor… Read More »NATALIA + BENSON


LIMITED EDITION SILK SCARVES THAT AID THE GULF’S OILED AQUATIC BIRDS Three years following the disastrous BP Oil Spill, a project called People for Pelicans strives to help the struggling waterbirds affected by the Deepwater Horizon Disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. Designer Katrin Wiens hopes to transform the image of the pelican into both… Read More »PEOPLE FOR PELICANS

Pace4Life: Re-Using Pacemakers

PACE4LIFE AIMS TO SAVE THOUSANDS OF LIVES IN DEVELOPING NATIONS BY REUSING A CURRENTLY WASTED RESOURCE: TINY PACEMAKERS THAT HELP REGULATE THE HEARTBEAT. According to Science Daily, the prevalence of cardiovascular disease is expected to increase 137 percent between 1990 and 2020 for those living in low- and middle- income countries. In fact, it is… Read More »Pace4Life: Re-Using Pacemakers

BeetBox: Make Music with Beets

BEETBOX IS A SIMPLE INSTRUMENT THAT ALLOWS USERS TO PLAY DRUM BEATS BY TOUCHING ACTUAL BEETS. Powered by a Raspberry Pi with a capacitive touch sensor and audio amplifier in a wooden enclosure, the BeetBox is the latest vegetable-powered electronics available today that allows users to play drum beats by touching actual beets. “BeetBox is… Read More »BeetBox: Make Music with Beets

Barbie Dismantled: ‘disgustingly lovely’ jewelry

MARGAUX LANGEʼS “PLASTIC BODY SERIES” JEWELRY UTILIZES SALVAGED BARBIE DOLL PARTS IN COMBINATION WITH STERLING SILVER AND PIGMENTED RESINS. Provocative, funky, and creepy…but cool, Margaux Lange’s art jewelry collection is definitely one-of-a-kind. She tears apart Barbie dolls and uses their body parts to create jewelry. In Margaux’s words, her “Plastic Body Series” is an examination… Read More »Barbie Dismantled: ‘disgustingly lovely’ jewelry


SOLAR POWERED TECH ACCESSORIES FOR YOUR GEAR Kudo products are a line of creative solar powered accessories to power your mobile life. They are a leader in renewable energy accessories and winner of the 2011 CTIA Emerging Technology Innovation Awards. But what really sets their products apart is their MacGyver-esque multi-functionality. The Kudo Case is their pièce de résistance.… Read More »A SWISS ARMY KNIFE FOR YOUR IPAD


STYLISH ACCESSORIES + HOUSEHOLD ITEMS MADE FROM RECYCLED INDUSTRIAL FELT Simple, elegant, and fun, these industrial felt products are at the intersection of product and sculpture. California-based industrial designer and architect Josh Jakus is known for making experiential connections between form and function. Featuring modern products that are both functional and provocative: one-of-a-kind backpacks, shape-shifting… Read More »SHAPE-SHIFTING FELT


HANDCRAFTED WOODEN STATIONERY FROM CENTRAL JAVA Magno comes from the word “magnify.” Like a magnifying glass, Magno wooden stationery draws attention to the beautiful details and high quality of craftsmanship in a simple form. The texture and grain of each Magno piece tells a unique story, one of sophistication in simplicity, and beauty in sustainability.… Read More »WOODEN STATIONERY