My Precious Name is the story of a Ugandan boy who has a very special name: Abwooli. This special name, called an empako in Uganda, is something that the boy cherishes. However, Abwooli must learn how to deal with a relative who cannot remember his empako. Highlighting the cross-cultural importance of family, My Precious Name… Read More »MY PRECIOUS NAME


The Rekto wooden radio’s design is based on an old running production radio made by a well known electronics company in Indonesia. The timeless basic form of the radio and the combination of wood and fabric create a warm and friendly expression. Ethically made with sustainably sourced wood, each radio is made by hand in… Read More »REKTO WOODEN RADIO


STORIES AND ORIGINAL ART FROM CHILDREN LIVING IN RAINFORESTS From the Jungle is a visually stunning journey deep into the Amazon Rainforest told through the eyes and original artwork of three children from Central and South America. Written for children, the colourful drawings and graphics depict a fragile ecosystem in danger. Through the stories of children… Read More »FROM THE JUNGLE


HANDMADE TEES FEATURING ARTWORK FROM CHILDREN LIVING IN ENDANGERED RAINFORESTS RainTees donates school supplies to children living in areas facing rapid environmental destruction and asks them to illustrate what they see happening in their world every day. Each eco-friendly cotton tee features their thoughts and illustrations alongside their name. For every tee sold, RainTees plants… Read More »TEES FOR TREES


Revisiting the movement of passionate American brewers that redefined how beer is made! The Roll & Brew allows you to create an entirely undefined and unique beer style every time you brew. Just roll the dice and collect all the ingredients you need to put together a great beer. To up the ante, use the… Read More »ROLL & BREW