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Roll & Brew

Roll & Brew beer game

Roll & Brew beer game

Roll & Brew beer game

Revisiting the movement of passionate American brewers that redefined how beer is made!

The Roll & Brew allows you to create an entirely undefined and unique beer style every time you brew. Just roll the dice and collect all the ingredients you need to put together a great beer. To up the ante, use the random ingredient and challenge yourself to try something totally different.

The dice algorithm was developed by brewer David Steinrueck, who studied under some of the world’s most renowned brewmasters in Munich, Germany. David took the most important brewing fundamentals and mixed them with American brewing innovation to give homebrewers the ability to brew a great new beer every single time.

Instructions for the game:

  1. Roll the dice.

  2. Use the rolled ingredients, times and weights to build a beer recipe.

  3. Add the “random” ingredient if you dare. (everything from coffee to “pick something from your fridge”)

  4. Pick up the ingredients at your local brew store and brew away!


  • Game includes:16 oz pint glass, dice, instructions, lid / coaster!

  • 13 colored dice:3 grain, 3 hops, 3 weight, 2 time, 1 yeast, 1 random

  • Made in:San Francisco, CA