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Simple, elegant, and fun, these industrial felt products are at the intersection of product and sculpture. California-based industrial designer and architect Josh Jakus is known for making experiential connections between form and function.

Featuring modern products that are both functional and provocative: one-of-a-kind backpacks, shape-shifting handbags, unique bowls, iPhone accessories, and innovative zip-up ties.

Built from recycled materials whenever possible, these stylish accessories are designed for efficient manufacturing, achieving the highest yield from standard units of raw material and reducing energy-consuming machine time.

Industrial felt is a product that has been used for decades for padding, gaskets, and anything else in industry that requires a soft yet very durable material. In the process of making these unique products, Josh buys the grade with the highest density and wool content, which is made from about 85% virgin wool and 15% recycled wool (with the exception of Zip Tie). The recycled component comes from clothing manufacturing and changes depending on the run, season, etc.

“Although my design practice is driven more by intellectual curiosity than pragmatism, I am still the happiest when making things that are meant to be used.”

“I love designing and making new things. It’s not work for me, and I have to try not to do it rather than try to do it,” says Josh.