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Magno comes from the word “magnify.” Like a magnifying glass, Magno wooden stationery draws attention to the beautiful details and high quality of craftsmanship in a simple form. The texture and grain of each Magno piece tells a unique story, one of sophistication in simplicity, and beauty in sustainability.

Indonesian designer Singgih Susilo Kartono is the creator of Magno Design. With a team of 35 young craftsmen, he produces wooden radios, gadgets, and stationery in his home village in Temanggung, a remote area in Central Java. Singgih’s philosophy for the company focuses on long-term-oriented ecological goals and the involvement of locals. For this reason, every year, Singgih’s team cuts only 80 trees and plants 10,000 in plantations. Singgih not only replaces the trees he cuts but also adds many more trees and provides jobs for his community. His motto is:

“less wood, more work; cut less, plant more.”

Due to the recent acontextual development imposed on his village, many farmers lost their farms and were forced to either find new jobs in the city or to stay in the village with the bare minimum for survival. Singgih introduced craft as an alternative economic activity, appropriate for a village dynamic the surrounding environment.

In the Singgih’s workshop the former farmers are being taught craftsmanship skills, and this new set of knowledge along with jobs that Singgih provides, enables them to continue their life in their native village and to sustain the community.

Each of Singgih’s items comes packaged in a homemade box that is as lovely and thoughtful in detail, as each of his products.

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